• Amber Bassett

Bridge + Portal | Puente Y Portal

How can accessible experiences and Art gatherings hold the space that is necessary for belonging in community in a cultural way that exceeds the bar scenes or even the typical high art venues?

Puente Y Portal means Bridge and Portal; a bridge to understanding and a transition into mutually beneficial solutions. This Artists Union sponsored event looks at Empathy as a lens for seeing immigrant rights as human rights and uses art installation, poetry, food and culture to transform an otherwise divisive issue into a connective happening. We believe that #familiesbelongtogether. When the walls around our hearts begin to dismantle through common notions of what Joy in action looks like...when solutions rather than blame are amplified into expression....when sincere longing for Peace is satisfied and brought into expression....all of these things can arise out of tender-heartedness.

Artist talks are from 3 to 5pm and Poetry hosted by Phil Taggart is from 6-8pm in the Garden.

Check out our happenings page for more info on this event. Or click HERE to rsvp.

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