• Amber Bassett

Spring has Sprung!

The Artists Union is relaunching and emerging from its chrysalis state...

We've just successfully gotten our website online and secured a contract with Art City Gallery to do another run of shows in 2019. In terms of needs, we're presently seeking a treasurer to anyone interested in the position with basic number-jedi-skills so get the word out. Exciting things are afoot! It is our goal to create access and belonging within the creative community by supporting artists and creatives alike in their respective practices.

The pic here is a close up of a sculpture which sold that was created by Chris Lewis

( IG: @chrilewi )for our most recent show called "Nature 101" in appreciation of wilderness, the biosphere, and all things/beings in nature. Our upcoming show that we're excited about now is an ode to spring celebration and renewal with a nod to the pagan roots around the season. "It's Beltane, Baby!" An exhibition that will run April 27th through June 2nd at Art City Gallery on Dubbers st. Opening reception is 27th of April from 5-9pm with an epic after party hosted by the Art City Monsters across the street. ( IG: @artcitymonsters ).

(The Art City Monsters' multi-disciplinary art space)

Since this show is open to the public and not just union members our submission drop offs are this coming Monday April 22nd from 4-7pm and Tuesday 9am-12pm.

Entry fees (limit 3 per artist) are $15 first entry and $10 each consecutive entry for members -- nonmembers fees are $20 first entry and $15 each additional entry.

**Pick up unelected works on Wednesday April 24th from 4-6pm, The end of exhibition pick-ups are June 3rd 4-7pm** Events to check out during the exhibition:

5x5x5 Marathon hosted by the notorious John White on Friday May 3rd at 7:30pm and then a Maypole Beltane Celebration ritual the following day, all @ Art City. And if you're interested in joining our union our membership dues are only $40/year. Message us here or on our site at .

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